Posted on Mon 15 October 2007 in general

The house is slowly taking shape. In between nights out (lads poker night, girls night on the town) and rugby games we made a concerted effort to sort out the bedroom. This mainly involved a Trinny and Susannah sorting of all our clothes with ruthless binning and recycling policies and an strict upper limit on numbers of types of garments. A large number of clothes have been packed away in boxes as specialist garments and will probably be stored in the spare room eventually. All my current every day clothes now fit into one wardrobe and set of drawers. Fliss has the slightly larger wardrobe and consequent storage space although I'm assured this is a fair division of storage ;-)

While the girls were out on Friday night we engaged in a little poker. I didn't manage to identify the patsy which probably accounts for the slight dent in my wallet the next day. I must learn there are times you don't attempt to bluff the chip leader.

We were intending to go out on Saturday and watch the rugby outside. However due to a slight case of food poisoning we ended up having a quiet night in with the rugby. As has been noted by some people it wasn't the prettiest most inspiring game in the world but it's the result that matters. Given the result of the England game I was compelled to watch the South Africa vs Argentina game on Sunday. Based on the match I reckon next week's final will be close one if England can ensure they don't make any mistakes that South Africa can capitalise on. I'm hoping (although not very confident) that England can pull of a historic defence of their title.

The in-between times of the weekend as been filed with a fair bit of game playing. We traded in a large chunk of our duplicate PS2 games and walked away with Call of Duty 3 and Colin McRae's: Dirt for the PS3. Both games are exceptionally pretty on my large HD display, in fact I'd wager they give high end PC graphics a fair run for their money. However a lot of our game playing over the weekend was on Super Stardust HD which is a very simple blaster but very fun (and hard) to play.