Always worth trying something new...

Posted on Fri 30 November 2007 by alex in general

Fun as it is watching the government tear itself apart over yet another party financing scandal I do worry this will be used as yet another excuse for state funding of political parties. Although we should always strive to hold our politicians to high standards I'm not that worried about corruption in this country. We score quite respectably on several different indexes although we could do better on some.

I've spent a lot of time over the last week or so looking for places to rent in Cambridge. It looks like the cheapest I'm going to manage is in the order of ?750 pcm which is doable. However I'm not relishing having to pay mortgage and rent together for too long. I've had two viewings of the house so far. Both sets of people where quite positive when walking around although I have yet to hear any offers. The lack of feedback from the estate agents have only served it reinforce my view of the profession. I'm also starting to get a little tetchy when I hear the news talking about a slowing economy and falling house prices. I have to keep reminding myself that although my house is my largest economic asset it's not that important in the grand scheme of things.