Chemical Brothers

Posted on Fri 07 December 2007 in general

A bunch of us went to see the Chemical Brothers at the Apollo last night. It's the first time I've seen them in an indoor venue and I must say not being covered in mud and cold made a lot of difference to my enjoyment of the set. The visuals where appropriately funky as they played there way through a mixture of classic tunes and a fair selection of new stuff from the new album. The encores where a little slow starting but I gather this was due to power issues which according to Gillian wasn't unknown for the venue. I'm pretty sure one of the tracks sounded like a mix of a Mylo track although I'm assured it was just because of the 80's retro feel it had.

The drive out proved to be an entertaining example of navigation by committee which must of frustrated Gillian no end. For some reason we ended up travelling a fair way down the A6 before traversing through Rusholme and Fallowfield.

Today has been a reasonably slow start as I've taken the day off. We are heading down south for a weekend away visiting Ivan and Maz.