The last few days

Posted on Mon 17 December 2007 in general

As I enter the last 5 days at Transitive <> a quick re-cap of my weekend is in order.

I'd taken Friday off to look after Fliss post her tooth operation. Unfortunately we also had tickets for Sasha at the Warehouse project for Jo's birthday celebrations. Fliss was keen that I shouldn't miss out and thanks to Mufi coming around to look after her I was able to head into town for the rave. I didn't stay the full event as I needed to get home at some sort of reasonable time (the actual event finished at 5am). I did get a chance to see James Zabiela who was on before him.

The venue is in someways an improvement on the site they had last year. Being essentially an underground car park under Manchester Piccadilly the acoustics are much better than the echo infested aluminium box of last year. However the temperature was also very variable. If you were crushed up in the main mass it was fine but the rest of the area could get quite chilly (it was below zero outside). The toilets where a retrograde step, last year we had ceramic toilets in portable loo blocks, this year it was blue box chemical toilets which by all accounts got a bit grim. Still I managed to bounce away for a good few hours before returning home with TJ to find Mufi and Fliss watching films.

Saturday was a low effort day which mainly involved me following Fliss around the supermarket as she brought food for the next two days. We had Lee and Kell visit for an evening meal which was fun. He turned down Fliss' lovely Chicken Catachori in favour a Chicken burgers but at least we tried. To his credit he only went for one scoop of ice-cream :-)

I was quite shattered from the previous night so I went to bed quite early on Saturday evening after having fallen asleep in the Budda Bag snuggling next to Fliss.

We had Mufi and TJ, Mark and Helen, and Aidan and Gillian around for Sunday dinner yesterday. Fliss cooked a massive ham while I had another go at making the melting chocolate puddings. By the end of the evening we were all quite stuffed. All that was left was for the boys to get a massive whupping playing Scrabble despite some valiant attempts to catch up. After everyone had headed home I ended up having yet another early night. In retrospect this was probably a good thing given the denial a.m. I got out of bed this morning so go to the train station for Fliss' 9.15 train.