Site has moved

Posted on Tue 18 December 2007 in geek

You shouldn't notice anything at all (except the disappearance of the wiki and picture archives). is now being hosted on my Dad's server. The old server can still be found at until it gets switched off (around the time I move to a new house).

I've not been using the Wiki for ages although I suppose there is still some junk stored within it's pages that may be useful to the odd crawling search engine. My plan is to migrate the data to MediaWiki but it's not a super high priority. I'll probably start using Facebook/Flickr/A.N.Other Picture site to host pictures in future seeing as it saves on killing the bandwidth on domestic broadband lines. I'm open to suggestions, as long as it is an open service and doesn't require weird add Flash plugins to bulk upload pictures.

Next step, re-configure the email server to handle multiple domain email drops.

UPDATE: Well that didn't go quite as well as expected. Anyway email is still being delivered to the domain at the moment. I've set up an additional alias of which still connects to the old server.