The Festive Period

Posted on Tue 01 January 2008 in general

Happy New Year to all my friends/readers/associates/internet lurkers. I hope 2008 brings you everything you wish for.

It has been quite a punishing schedule for the last few weeks. The day after I finished at Transitive we headed straight down to Sudbury to stay with Fliss' mum. Over the next few days I mostly wapped out, practised flying my helicopter and did some light reading in preparation for my new job.

We spent Christmas morning going through stocking presents before heading over to my folks in time for Doctor Who. The main Bennee Christmas was offset for a day when we had Fliss' mum around for the full meal on Boxing Day. We went for a non-commercial Christmas this year which had made choosing presents pretty easy.

We headed back up to Manchester in time for the now traditional Ste birthday party. It was a little quieter this year but was still an enjoyable affair. We popped back a few days later to pick up my spare bed and Fliss got a taste of WarCrack. Hopefully the Guitar Hero I got her for Christmas will provide enough gaming excitement that she doesn't feel the need to get a WarCrack account on her machine.

The New Year was celebrated in Edinburgh this year. Although it was mainly in a house party we did head outside to see the fireworks as the new year rolled in. I felt particularly classy drinking champagne from the bottle while surrounded by what seemed to be hordes of 12 year olds. The boy who insisted he was a Tory (or at least would be when he could vote) was especially amusing.

We enjoyed a massive fry-up courtesy of more of the Edinburgh contingent before heading back to Manchester with Frank in tow. I am now planing on striking up a few power chords before getting an early night. I'm back in Cambridge tomorrow doing some last minute house hunting trying to find a place to live.