Notes on House Hunting

Posted on Fri 04 January 2008 in general

I've spent most of today house hunting. After seven years of comfortable living in my frankly over-sized house I'm finding it tricky to walk into a 2/3 bed house and visualise the two of us living in it. The cheapest one I saw today was 695 pcm but there were several things I wasn't happy with (ground floor security, potential damp). I did see a nice 2nd floor two bedroom flat in the city centre which was quite modern and spacious but it came with a rather hefty price tag of 895 pcm (before bills). It did seem slightly incongruous that it had 2 whole bathrooms in it although I admit the idea of an en-suite seems slightly luxurious :-)

While I am getting a bit of a salary lift for the move down south crunching the numbers does induce a slight flutter. It's potentially going to take a while to sell my house and paying rent just seems like wasted money. Unfortunately it's just not feasible to be in a sell/buy chain when moving to a new area.

When I saw my current house it was obvious to me I could live in it. So far none of the houses today have jumped out and made a great impression on me. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I'd like to get this bit out of the way and sorted as soon as possible so I can get back to Fliss in Manchester and start preparing for my holiday. However I don't want to make the wrong choice for where we live for the next 6-12 months. I really hope finding the house we shall finally buy will be a less depressing affair.