Writing up tomorrow now

Posted on Fri 11 January 2008 in general

Tonight shall be an early night, I have still to pack for the Ski holiday which starts at an exceptionally deniable 0300 hours tomorrow. Fliss is making noises about not accessing the 'net for the week so I'm gathering and transcribing my thoughts now.

We have a place to live! After much searching and despite my pre-viewing misgivings we have in fact decided to live above the CO-OP. There where a few factors that helped swing it and to be honest the cheaper rent was a bonus. It's actually a surprisingly spacious flat so we will get separate lairs to retreat to when we need space. The living room is actually quite big and the kitchen well appointed (if a little crooked) with a gas hob and double oven. We get a fair area of the flat roof outside and the landlords (the CO-OP) are quite reasonable about things like picture hooks and tacking cables. Anne warned about street noise but to be honest with the double glazing (in substantially better condition than the 4 year old new build) compared to both Manchester and London I think it will be quieter. We even double checked with the CO-OP when their deliveries are and they are restricted to between 7am to 7pm. Fundamentally the flat had "character" which we where more happy to live with than the more expensive and smaller "executive" flat. The fact it's very convenient for food and wine is also a big win.

Expect a few months from us moving in before the house warming invite goes out. We shall no doubt be shuttling between Manchester and Cambridge for a bit as we move in piece by piece :-)