Curveball Central

Posted on Sun 20 January 2008 by alex in general

There are some times in life when you get pitched a curveball. But before I launch into that topic perhaps a little reflection of the last week should be in order.

I've spent the last week in the Austrian resort town of Soll on skiing holiday with the family. The conditions where fantastic and only marred by the fact that Fliss couldn't join me for more than few days on the slopes. Still it was good to get out on the slopes and get confidence back about what I was actually doing with a pair of skis. All in all I came back from the holiday pretty relaxed and looking forward to starting my new job on Monday.

Given the late hour of our arrival I only got around to checking my email this morning. The email from my soon to be new employer with the title "Alexis Bennee" did set off some alarm bells. As did the first line that ended with the line "bearer of this bad news". The final upshot of the email was that MIPS had, while I was away, decided to have a corporate round of operating cost reductions and redundancies. It seems I am to be made redundant for a second time will still in my thirties. The immediate effect of course is to stay any signing of paperwork that incurs any further financial burden on my strained financial situation. Although the news came as a bit of a shock on a Sunday morning it does open up an intriguing set of possibilities. For the short term it looks like I shall be moving back to Manchester and attempting to secure some sort of short term income. However the original reason for the intended move down south hasn't really changed so a relocation to the region of shandy drinkers still remains a possibility. Having said that now does seem as good as time as any to pursue the roll of mercenary contractor.

In summary don't worry about me, I am not likely to starve in the next few weeks. If you however know of any jobs that may be within my skill set then please don't feel shy in letting me know ;-)