Posted on Mon 21 January 2008 in general

This morning has been highly frenetic. I have put the flat rental on hold (which blows away the 250 pounds of agency fees). I've spent what seems like the entire morning making phone calls to various job agencies as well as my previous employers. I've fixed my CV script which was broken on the new machine because of the change in PHP's handling of global varaibles from POST methods. It is unlikely to be the last change however, some agencies think that PDF is a little too cross-platform for their likeing and prefer Word Documents. I'll be blowed if I'm going through the "Save as HTML/Open Word/Load as HTML/Save as Doc" cycle for every custom CV they request. I've generally been as productive as any unemployed bum can be.

The upshot of which is I'll be back in Manchester on Wednesday and starting a new job on Monday at Transitive (again). I'll be on a short term contract (with possible extensions) and an honest understanding with my boss that I will be looking for other jobs down south. I'm pretty happy with the outcome as I can continue in a job I enjoyed and Fliss can spend a bit more time learning to love Manchester. In the long term I still expect we will make the move down south but this way I can take my time and I don't have to be bounced into taking any old job for lack of pennies. There are a couple of irons in the fire but we shall see how it goes.