Finding a Trade

Posted on Fri 25 January 2008 in general

Now I based back in Manchester I have spent the last few days of unemployed freedom trying to achive a few things.

Yesterday I visited Alison and Rosie, somthing I failed to do when she gave birth as I had been running around aranging my move down south. Both where well even if I was exposed to some interesting machinery. I even saw Sam as he popped around while I was there. I found myself having to appologise for laughing at his recent troubles. I guess scatological topics are inherently funny.

After a quick lunch with Lee, Ste and Lucy I popped into my old office to say hi to new (old) colleges. I shall be testing the IT departments employee archival procedures to the full on Monday.

After Fliss got home I cooked a meal and we watched some TV. There was an abortive attempt to watch Sleeping Dogs which was on my rental list. It turned out to be quite a bad film, badly paced and much like watching a slow car crash. We instead retreated to a few episodes of The High Life.

Today has been spent looking for tradesmen. Now we are based back in Manchester I need to make good on my promise to give Fliss a proper office. However I'm tired of DIY (and it's more prone to delay) so I'm putting the job out to tender. Unfortunately opening the yellow pages and working through the list seemed like too much effort. So far my record of selecting decent people from general listings has been 50/50. Nothing really beats personal recommendation. So I've gone for a service that hopefully will combine the best of a rating system and making other people do the work (which lets face it's why I'm paying people :-). We shall see how it goes.