Posted on Sun 27 January 2008 by alex in general

With the chaos of the last few weeks behind us we decided to take the opportunity of weekend for some old school lazing. It was much appreciated. The big screen background for yesterday was provided by the ever excellent Withnail and I, the absurdly over the top Die Hard 4.0 and the outrageously funny Family Guy: Blue Harvest.

There is not much to say about Withnail except that if you have yet to see it it's well worth taking the time to. It's an eminently quotable film as was demonstrated by Fliss and Will last night who had to stop themselves echoing the lines throughout the film. Wine is pretty much essential to the viewing experience. It's a film for one of those slow days :-)

Die Hard was pretty much as you would expect from the Bruce Willis franchise. The action is over the top, the destruction of bits of the city fairly comprehensive and McClane's anti-hero demeanor as fun to watch as normal. The plot involves computer hackers but is fairly irrelevant to the story so the Hollywood approach to cracking security systems didn't grate with me too much. Having said that I think I did see a Unix command line in the opening credits and as far as I can remember they avoided to any 3D cracking sequences with animated blobs for security programs.

The Family Guy Star Wars spoof is classic Family Guy humor. I'm assuming they are owned by Fox because they seemed to have access to a lot of the original score and sound effects from the film. It was very funny but given it's length probably not quite the �9 the DVD is currently on sale for.

I took the opportunity to cook Toad in the Hole last night following Delia's recipe (saving slightly different batter consistency). All went well apart from the slight covering of Insanity Sauce I gained when opening one of the kitchen cupboards. I should have removed my trousers sooner as the sauce soaked though and has since imbued my thighs with an interesting warmth. I have no cooking to do tonight as Will has offered to cook for everyone.