Defeat by the Red Dragon

Posted on Mon 04 February 2008 in general

Most of Saturday was taken up with the Rugby. We tried a new layout of the front room so we could fit everyone in front of the TV. We more or less succeeded although without the backing of the wall the Buddha bags do tend to achieve a rather flat wide aspect. Fliss has convinced me of the benefits of moving to a sofa. Comfy as I find them the ease of extracting yourself from a sofa is becoming more appealing.

The games themselves were good. I don't remember much about the Ireland game except they had a reasonably easy time of it except for a few injuries. The England-Wales game was the main event. It started well with England taking an early lead and the Welsh supporters voicing their hopes it wouldn't be a total embarrassment. This probably made the victory taste even sweeter when England forgot to play well and Wales having stopped kicking the ball about got some good grinding play in to go ahead.

Sunday not much happened except me waiting for a tradesmen to turn up to price the decorating job. We have however started in earnest on the second season of The Wire as well as a review of the original (new) series of Battlestar Galactica for the benefit of Will and Fliss. We are all hopelessly out of sync for various TV shows so I'll have to catch the latest lost at some point when everyone is away from the TV :-)