Posted on Tue 05 February 2008 in general

Now Google Calender sends me helpful SMS messages for meetings I've started filling in more of my day to day events in it. My current schedule looks quite busy with a number of phone interviews and tradesmen quote visits scattered all over the week. I hardly miss my chirping little Palm at all. One thing I do need however is a password safe, preferably one which will run on my mobile phone. Needless to say it should be open source :-)

It's pancake day today. I was going to enquire as to any Knights Fat Wappa events but as Fliss was going to London I made her pancakes this morning. It was very much appreciated but I don't think I'll be scoffing another boatload this evening. I sense a nice glass of wine and tonight's Horizon in my future today. There may be some work orientated VPN fiddling as well although I'm told it's a breeze to set-up on a Mac.