Mobile hacking and job hunting

Posted on Thu 07 February 2008 in geek

I'm taking a break from trying to get this Mac to talk to the Internet via my phone. Considering how easy it was to get the company VPN connection set-up I'm a little disappointed by the uncharacteristic kludge of mobile 'net. To be fair the Bluetooth pairing went very smoothly. However the 'net connection starts talking about GPRS CID's without any real hint as to where you are meant to get it from.

Browsing the various forums (a little painful in Opera Mini on the small screen of my phone) brings up a variety of contradictory comments as to what it means. Some seem to imply it's a magic number in the phone that I need to tell the Mac about. Other posts seem to say it's something that is set up by the pairing process. Also it's not helped that their is a password associated with my 'net connection that is hidden by the phones helpful *'s.

Yesterday I started what was described as a process that could take up to 90 days for a job at a (the) major 'net company. It was the first of several phone interviews which I need to get past before I even meet anyone face to face. The chat was very amiable and relaxed before moving onto the self assessment section. There 1-10 scale goes from "I know nothing" to "I wrote the book/invented it" so I don't feel to bad about the generally low score I gave myself. Having said that this company does employ several people that have actually invented the 'net. The technical question where just screening ones to get a general idea of the level I'm at. I suspect I'm going to have to brush up on some of the computer "science" terminology before the next call. While I have a fairly good understanding of the engineering side of algorithms I don't express them in CS terms. In fact I'd go on to say that in most of my roles you generally tend to cheat to ensure things come out ready sorted or in useful order so you need not worry about your set size.

It will certainly be an interesting process. It's heartening that my friends seem to think I'm up to the task even if I think it looks little daunting from the start line :-)

EDIT: Yet again the it's very simple (too simple for me). Just ignore all the gubins about accounts and modem settings and select "Join Your phones name's Network" from the Bluetooth drop down menu. It seems the concept of modems is something you only need with older phones. Who would of thunk it?