The matches so far...

Posted on Sat 09 February 2008 in general

I'm currently down south having spent Thursday night mingling with the great and the good of the London IT world. I two interviews on Friday, one physical and one phone one. I wasn't really taken with the Cambridge job but the virtual distro one seemed quite tempting. I have another phone interview next week for the 'net company. We shall see how it goes.

The rugby so far has been pretty good. The Scotland-Wales game was not as exciting but Wales certainly have the bit between their teeth. We shall see how they do when they are against Ireland or France though. The Ireland-France game however was a lot more exciting and I certainly feel bad for Ireland after all the effort they put into the game in the second half. Hopefully England will find their form again tomorrow. If they can't beat Italy we really don't deserve any silverware this year.