Old Legs

Posted on Mon 18 February 2008 in general

Fliss and I spent the weekend in Scotland, in Newton Stewart to be precise. The gathering was an annual event to celebrate the birthdays of two of Fliss' friends from her days at Edinburgh. The 22 or so people had exclusively hired out the local youth hostel and provided a handy barrel of ale as well as cooking food on a grand scale. I was under instruction to bond (not tricky, everyone was very nice) and join the planned walk up to the top of Merrick. The walk was a scant 16km, although it did incorporate a not inconsiderable 800m of climb, some of which was quite steep. The legs as usual where up to the walk but I fear the walk did test my currently poor aerobic fitness quite well. The success of the walk however did make the appreciation of the food and drink in the evening all the sweeter :-)