Posted on Mon 25 February 2008 in general

After sofa shopping we settled ourselves down for a nice afternoon of Rugby. We were joined by Mark, who had been abandoned by his wife for seats in the Stade de France, and Anne. The most impressive game was the Wales vs Italy one - there where tries a-plenty as the Welsh got stuck into the Italians. We shall see if they can keep the momentum up when they meet the French - it will certainly be worth watching. During the Wales game we where joined by Chris and Paula who had stated an intent to pop in for a cup of tea and then head off for some shopping. They were very quickly lured into the festival of Rugby and ended up staying for the evening. The power of the Budda bags may have been a factor.

Having said that the Scotland vs Ireland game was rather dull so it proved and excellent opportunity to catch up with Paula while Chris and Mark where introduced to the delight of Lego: Star Wars. I was informed that they have had an inaugural dinner party so I look forward to further chances to catch up in the future :-)

The England game was exciting, although possibly not for all the best reasons. I unfortunately missed the early lead due to slightly optimistic estimation of the time it would take the Chinese take-away to fulfil our order. However the first half was pretty good (as it has been in the last few matches). My main concern was the second half where England have so far proved to be dodgy. As the second half started it seemed England were going to repeat their form of the last two matches and throw the game away. Luckily they picked up their game and were re-warded with their first second half try of the tournament. The results this weekend leave the tournament nicely poised, there is still plenty to play for. I look forward to it :-)