The slow stiffling of the soul

Posted on Mon 25 February 2008 in general

The weekend has been full of many wondrous and varied things. However the main thing that stick in my mind have been sofa shopping, securing socrates, and the rugby.

We went out to DFS on Saturday morning and sat in a series of sofas trying to decide if they where acceptable. We deflected the over eager salesman and said we'd be back the next day (for that was the last day of the sale). We had a nice long lie in on Sunday but eventually extricated ourselves from the bed to go and buy the sofa around two in the afternoon. It turned out there where several furniture shops across the road in the White City retail park opposite DFS. I overcame my sofa buying weariness and we decided to check out the others. Luckily we found a nicer sofa here (the Fiori one). It will still be an 8 week delivery but we reckon it's got the "character" to go wherever we end up living. I still find the whole 0% APR falseness annoying but I might as well take it and leave the money in the bank if I can't get the price down for a cash sale.