More quiet time

Posted on Thu 06 March 2008 in general

I have been quite quiet over the last week or so for a variety of reasons. However I can break the silence about one thing today. I have a new (new) job. In just over a weeks time I shall be working for Cambridge Broadband Networks based, funnily enough, in Cambridge.

Despite the ISP sounding name they are not in fact one. Their main business is microwave back-haul links for things like linking up satellite mobile phone masts to the main network without the need to lay expensive cables. They make extensive use of Linux and other open-source technologies and I was very impressed with their approach to meeting their obligations to the licenses. The project I'll be working on is also quite early on in it's inception so I'll be in at the "ground floor" when a lot of the important decisions are made.

Given our experience of our last move down south we are going to be taking our time finding somewhere to live. So the first few months will involve trying combinations of commuting from London and Cambridge while also doing a bit of work from Manchester around the weekends. However it's good to have some sort of direction to follow now.