The Wind in the Wilderness

Posted on Mon 10 March 2008 in general

I'm currently ensconced in Fliss' mum's house after getting up at denial a.m. to get Fliss to the station on time for the next stage in the odyssey that is fixing her knee. The winds are currently howling outside and I've already had one power cut (for about 5 minutes). Considering I'm currently on the right side of the country I wonder what the wind is like in Manchester at the moment. Hopefully the power and broadband will hold up for the next few days while I work from Sudbury. I'm heading back to Manchester on Wednesday evening and my last two days at Transitive before I head back down south again.

We spent Saturday in Nottingham for my brothers birthday (actually today, Happy Birthday Bro!). We enjoyed a number of pints while watching the poor England performance in the rugby before heading back to his place to chill-out while watching The Dish. My brother still amazes me in his ability to efficiently store stuff in custom carpentry, he reminds me more of my grandfather every day :-)

Ironically the best Rugby of the weekend was yesterday in the Italy vs France match. My only hope is England salvages some of it's self respect next week. All the best to Wales in their final game, I think the odds of them beating the French have never been better.