Bright Lights, Big City

Posted on Fri 14 March 2008 by alex in geek

We headed down to London last night to meet up with some of Fliss' old friends for a few drinks and a meal. As we wondered past the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus I saw the adverts flashing up on the multi-media advertising for the BBC's iPlayer, now available for the iPhone. The background information on the blog makes interesting reading, no WMV or Flash for the iPhone, but a nice standards compliant H.264 video stream. It has not gone unnoticed that the iPhone isn't the only thing that can play such a stream although some hoops do have to be jumped through. All I need now is a little Gnome App that fetches streams from the BBC so I don't have to tell my main browser to lie about itself all the time, assuming that the BBC doesn't decide that Linux users are about as likely to pirate the shows as their polo-neck wearing, iPhone carrying cousins.

UPDATE 13/3/08: And the hole is plugged. For now...
UPDATE 14/3/08: Didn't take long