Posted on Wed 19 March 2008 by alex in general

I had to perform emergency surgery on Jack last night after I got a message from my brother saying he couldn't login into the webmail. It turned out the rather aggressive dropping of bounced messages (usually replying to messages faked as being from bennee.com) wasn't aggressive enough. Changing the timeout from 2d to 12h and putting Jack on a diet (he really didn't need half of X windows installed) bought me about ½ gig of spare space. Hopefully that should last until I switch to the new server (which I am assiduously avoiding doing tonight having had a few nice glasses of wine, I've been down that round before and I know it never ends well).

The evening has been mainly filled with catching up on Lost. I know a lot of people think the show jumped the shark last season. I can't agree. Although it's easy to cast accusations at the writers that they have been winging the plot since season 2 for me it doesn't really matter. Sure it's a show where the mythology of the previous seasons is important. I'm pretty sure these days any there are not many shows where you can treat every episode as a standalone story. However it's always been the intensity of the character drama that’s done it for me. It is fun to speculate on what is Actually Going On ™ but the main thing I enjoy is watching the character development. Having said that this seasons plot does seem a lot more directed and it looks as though the writers are delivering on their promise that there will be answers.