Brain Stretch

Posted on Tue 01 April 2008 in geek

The last few days have involved a blizzard of technical terms such as QAM16 and QPSK as well as re-hashing more familiar ground of embedded Linux machines and ATM and E1 connections. This week has been set aside as product training on the VectaStar system so I have a general idea of what the hell the product I'll be managing (via my software) actually does. Thankfully it seems all the residual knowledge I picked up while at Marconi is still there and my scientific knowledge (such as it is) is proving to be pretty useful. In fact it seems the company where very accurate in predicting a good match between my skills and what I need to know for the job which is a relief :-)

House hunting is proving to be more of an issue. Four of the properties that we selected as potentials had already gone by the time I had called the agent this afternoon. I saw one yesterday which seemed alright (nice kitchen, good office space) but still seemed a little cramped. Not to mention pretty expensive at £900 pcm. I'm not overly worried so far as I still have a house in Manchester and the mid-week commute down south hasn't been crippling. I had another offer on the house but it was still in the silly region so I didn't feel too worried rejecting it. Maybe there is something to be said for the coming housing slump if it will make renting in Cambridge a little cheaper. Of course such a wish is a bit of a double edged sword.