Logistical Chaos

Posted on Mon 07 April 2008 in general

This week is going to prove interesting in the number of places transport could fail. Aside from the usual Tues/Thurs commute to/from Cambridge I have to ensure a few additional constraints are met. Working backwards:

  • My car is in Shelford on Thursday morning while I'm at work
  • I get from London to Shelford late Wednesday evening
  • I get from work to London on Wednesday evening
  • I get into Cambridge without car Tuesday evening

It was starting to look so complicated I even asked my Dad for a lift into town for Tuesday evening. It makes me feel somewhat like a teenager again :-). I now have all the necessary information plugged into Google Calendar so I know where I should be at what times.

In other news my front room now has a sofa, my dinning room currently has a surplus of Buddha Bag's and my office looks even more like a bomb has hit it than normal.