Posted on Wed 09 April 2008 in general

Last night I was out with the guys from work for a few social drinks and food. Under the auspices of team bonding we went to a pub called The Green Dragon. The food wasn't up to much (pretty standard pub fare) but it had a couple of lines real ale and the Otter Ale was pretty nice. Much merriment was had and we only occasionally dipped into the topics of source control and release management. Other topics included local restaurants, government IT projects, nutters on radio phone-in programs and the accountability of the European Union. All it all a pretty interesting evening learning more about my co-workers.

Today I'm at the mercy of public transport as I'm heading into London this evening to see Speed the Plow at the Old Vic. There is no way to drive to the train station but I think the Park and Ride service that got me to work this morning should be fine. After that only the trains and tube can fail me :-)