4 a day

Posted on Tue 22 April 2008 in general

I hate being ill. I'm no martyr however as I'll quite happily dose myself up to the eyeballs to keep the symptoms at bay (which explains why I got out of bed and made up the Lemsip next to me at the moment). I'm still feeling pretty tired though which is why we didn't go out last night and instead opted for a quiet night in with a curry and Sneakers.

Working from home imposes certain limitations when you don't have access to the full work network. This usually entails carefully planing the things you do on home days versus office days. Even if I had full VPN to the corporate network I would still be limited as I actually need the test network my desktop is attached to. You can get a fair way with ssh and port forwarding but it kinda breaks down when you need UDP stuff. Imagine my delight to find out ssh now works with the tun interface. All worked out of the box :-)