Houses, Boxes, Stuff

Posted on Tue 29 April 2008 in general

Well it turns out we were the only one to apply for the house on the day so short of my secret Bolivian drug lord contacts coming out in the reference screening it looks all go. Hopefully we'll be moving down proper somewhere around May 21st. Next up is planning what we shall take and ordering a stand for my currently wall mounted TV of doom.

My new PC has shipped so delivery will coincide nicely with my arrival for the next week. I think I'll stick with Gentoo on the desktop although it's tempting to run a Ubuntu partition side by side with it. My current desktop will become a slightly more up to date media server (which will consume a bit less power than my current web-server, and take up less space). The current web-server will be scrapped although it would be nice to find somewhere to donate it to (along with my remaining 2 monitors and 4 chassis in various states of completion).

So generally life is good today, despite fixing a bunch of 64/32 bit issues on this code base (worthy but tedious) and Google's disappearance from da interweb (at least from here).