Score Draw

Posted on Wed 30 April 2008 in geek

When we arrived back in Manchester we found CityLink had excelled in their efficiency and attempted to deliver the new PC. Luckily their depot was open until 8 and based in conveniently close in Trafford Park. While I grabbed that I made a half hearted attempt to locate a GTAIV but even the behemoth of ASDA Wallmart had sold all of it's stock. Instead I consoled myself with a quick blast on the new Call of Duty 4 maps. Amusingly they where offering double points on them this week which Will suspected was a "please play us and not GTA this week" gambit.

The new maps are a mixed bunch but certainly will add a lot of variety to the multi-player game. "Creek" is a massive open air level which is designed with snipers in mind and possibly my favourite so far. The re-done "Broadcast" and "China Town" both offer maze like urban warrens which saw me wiped out many times over, they are going to take some learning. I haven't had a chance to play the "Kill House" yet, but if it's anything like "Container" it will be insane.

I've spent today working while setting up my new PC on the spare monitor. It took me a while however to figure out the TFT monitor (Fliss' spare from when her laptop had no working screen) was powered via a plug in the VGA socket. The setup should hopefully be finished by tomorrow which is the one downside of building everything from scratch. However it builds stuff pretty quickly and it should be a nicely customised setup once finished.

Fliss surprised me this afternoon when she got back from a quick shopping trip. Somehow she had managed to find a spare copy of GTA IV. I would like to mention at this point I love Fliss very much :-D