New Machine

Posted on Fri 02 May 2008 in geek

I've now got my new machine up and running and once the couple of hundred of GB have transfered across from the old one (which takes a surprisingly long time, even on a LAN). Setting up the dual head was not without it's frustrations. It does actually work out of the box but I was getting nothing out of the second DVI port. I did however notice there was a difference on the two DVI to SVGA connectors I had, one which fitted and one that didn't. A quick trip to wikipedia later and I realised my mistake. The D in DVI-D meant there was no chance it could drive my Widescreen TFT monitor with an SVGA adapter. Luckily the local PC World had a quite reasonable Samsung Syncmaster 2032BW which is now my main monitor.

The new desk layout means I've been experimenting with desktop layout. Given the monitor to my left is no longer at eye height I'm using it for status displays (build window, logs, IM clients and the like). For super bonus points if I could figure out a way to make every window dragged to the left toggle the "Visible on all workspaces" property my setup would be almost perfect.