Posted on Fri 09 May 2008 in general

I'm currently down in Cambridge having enjoyed a lovely BBQ with Fliss while my parents are down in London. It looks like the weather will be nice this weekend which bodes well for our relocation plans.

The week has thrown up a few frustrations at work but it's all part of the mix that is software engineering. I've actually written more perl in the last week than C (which isn't bad thing, just odd). I'm keen to implement a nice flexible architecture for the product but it's meeting the inevitability of deadlines. The trouble with architectural decisions is there is a degree of fortune telling involved in guessing what direction your likely to take. That may imply putting work into code for current releases that doesn't realise an immediate benefit for the next release. The compromise (which is pretty much engineering) is a layer of abstraction so any mechanism that may be re-factored can be done as single whole and not searching for cookie cutter code across a myriad of inter-working binaries. I hate cut and paste code, it shall all die ;-)