It's hot

Posted on Sun 11 May 2008 in geek

The weather is proving to be lovely and warm this weekend. A lot of outdoor activities have been involved combined with an appropriate amount of thirst quenching. Saturday saw us undertake a moderate walk followed by a pub lunch. Sunday has so far involved cycling into Cambridge for flume related frolics before coming home to a lovely BBQ chicken Sunday Lunch.

We popped out to the pub after lunch to watch the dying embers of the premier league but much as I tried to muster up chanting for Wigan in their match against united I still couldn't find it in my heart to cheer against Bolton's valiant show against the [STRIKEOUT:ruskies]Chelsea. I'm sure I'll asked to endure the Champions league game in a week or so but it's not so bad following this football malarky, they generally seem to server beer in the places you can watch it.

I've only had a passing eye on the weeks geek news but I did notice slashdot talking about Microsoft's latest censoring of IM conversations. Having said that I'm not sure I can have full confidence in any of the IM service providers. Luckily if you keep away from the official clients you can ensure that what conversation happens between you stays that way. It pays to be paranoid some times ;-)