New House, Old Boxes

Posted on Sun 25 May 2008 in general

Today is brought to you by the power of bluetooth and mobile phones :-)

Yesterday was a very long one. We left Manchester at 7 in the morning to make sure we got to Cambridge in time to pick up keys. In the event we made very good time because even on a bank holiday weekend no one is on the roads *that early*. We had packed the bed and a few bits and pieces so we wouldn't be in a completely empty house. It turns out it was a good plan as the truck with everything in it was a fair number of house behind us.

After our first trip to the shopping magnet that is Tesco's (conveniently about a mile down the road) we set about the task of drinking Champagne, clearing cobwebs out of "The Den" and watching a few things on the laptop. We even has a little bit of a nap given the very early start to the day.

The van finally arrived some time after 8 in the evening and the lads did a sterling job getting it unloaded and all the furniture re-assembled. They finished around midnight and then headed off back to Selby and their homes.

Today's job is going through the 50 or so boxes and filling the selves and cupboards with "stuff". About the only thing that didn't make it down was the stand for the plasma TV which puts off playing more PS3 games until next week when I can pick it up.

Time to go and start on the boxes. So many boxes.....