Empty House

Posted on Mon 26 May 2008 by alex in general

I spent my second night in our new house alone as Fliss has a prior engagement down in London. This wasn't so bad as it has given me a chance to finish setting up my office (after much searching through boxes to find my PC) and catch up on some TV.

Lost seems to be getting even more OMFG, WTF? Certainly some answers to what is going on seems to be coming and the writers are trying hard to make it consistent with the mythology to date. As they have declared Lost will finish at the end of season six I'm hoping everything will be nicely tied up by that point. However I don't believe the writers for a moment when they say they had a grand arc envisaged from the get go. It shouldn't be a problem assuming they don't suffer the stop-start that caused Babylon 5 to be so dire.

Battlestar Galactica continues to entertain. They have declared an earlier end date which I suspect will end with the discovery of Earth. The theological angle of the story is becoming more pronounced which is quite an interesting mirror to our current times.