The Ark of Truth

Posted on Thu 05 June 2008 in general

Fliss and I watched Stargate: The Ark of Truth last night. It's a made for TV movie that wraps up the plot from the end of season 10 of SG1. Fliss couldn't take it seriously given she had no background in the last 10 seasons of plot. I think the accusations of ham may be a little unfair though, I'm sure a lot of the plot devices where added as pure fan service. In retrospect I'd say this was almost purely for fans and people not familiar with the series probably want to give it a miss.

One thing I did find out though is that Fliss hasn't seen Farscape which is a much better sci-fi show than SG1. This will have to be rectified once I can locate a box set.

There hasn't been much preparation for Maelstrom this week. In fact all out kit is still in cardboard boxes in one of the sheds in the garden. This has coincided with the rush to get the test version of the software to the testing team. I'm hoping to get everything squared away quickly today and then we should have some time this evening and tomorrow morning to get everything ready before heading up to Birmingham for a day or so.