BBQ, Housework and Roasts

Posted on Mon 16 June 2008 in general

Since the new blog system came in at the BBC it seems my comments are less likely to get published. It's slightly troubling. Anyway the weekend:

Friday evening was mainly spent getting the bike working again for the weekend. I suffered a puncture on Thursday and it's been a while (if at all) since I've had to repair such a thing. However it all seemed to go OK and the test drive confirmed the bike was fit for purpose.

My promise to use the bike whenever possible when going into town didn't start smoothly on Saturday. It was obviously having issues with something as the chain was slipping every now and again until just over the bridge from Milton it jammed into the gap between the gears and the spokes. After much oiling of the hands I got it free only for the derailleur mechanism to wedge itself into the spokes once I started up again. This entailed walking the bike 2 miles to the nearest bike repair shop for some emergency intervention.

Once in town we did some bed shopping to check out the various options. The stiffer memory foam setups looked as though they might be quite comfortable (although how do you tell with a 1 minute lie of the bed test?). However the prices pretty much double the cost of the frame which is a fairly large gamble to take. Having said that we some ideas now and are going to check prices on the 'net.

We also did a little shopping for potential presents for Fliss. We found one potential camera which fits the bill for what Fliss wants. While I was checking pricing with the sales guy Fliss popped over to the jewellers on the other side of the road. Apparently my face was a picture when the shop assistant mentioned she might want to look at another set of engagement rings. However I did make some notes :-)

The afternoon was filled with BBQ fun at one of Fliss' Cambridge based friends from Uni. We got to meet a number of interesting people including some that are based in Milton and in need of drinking partners to try out some of our local pubs. When it was home time they took us the low traffic route towards Milton which was a lot more pleasant even if it did go through some of the "rough" parts of Cambridge.

Sunday was filled with housework. Fliss tackled the weeds in the flower beds while I borrowed my parents hoover to do a quick spring clean. By the end of the evening we had one almost clear flower bed, several hacked down shrubs and I'd revealed the floor in every room in the house. That is except my office which gained a number of items moved from the other rooms! This will be this evenings task assuming the internet bits arrive from Virgin Media today.