Quizical Broadband

Posted on Wed 18 June 2008 by alex in general

Last night we headed to t'other Bury to meet up with Fliss' mum and friends for a pub quiz night. Apparently we bring depth to the team. This is the second time we have participated and yet again we managed a valiant second place (although we did beat the pub favourites who crashed out in the "Wipeout" round). Much fun was had by all and we shall most likely making the pub quiz a semi-regular event.

I had a bit of a struggle getting the broadband up and running last night. Virgin had me pegged as a technical customer so sent the kit direct to me (despite UPS's best efforts) for a self install. However they neglected to mention any of the default passwords for the router instead supplying a Window's setup disk for the purpose. Never the less it all got sorted this morning when the modem got registered with the network. All that's left is trying to get some wireless bridges setup so I can put the flying cables away. The connection measured a reasonably respectable 16mbs this morning and it currently "soak" testing :-)