Crystal Aliens!?

Posted on Thu 19 June 2008 in general

Despite less the glowing reviews we thought we would chance Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at the cinema. It's not the worlds worst film, in fact if you disengage brain and enjoy it for what it is I thought it was pretty good. Some people have complained about the mixing of "Sci-Fi" with the traditional ancient relics and daring dos of the fedora wearing archaeologist. It's not really a problem and it's perfectly within the idiom of pulp 30's adventure flicks which was the entire point of the series. Having watched the original Raiders of the Lost Ark only a few days ago I can say much the same thing, it's not high brow cinema or particularly brilliant script, but it is a fun adventure.

Having said that there where one or two places where the modern propensity for CGI grated slightly. I suspect the director had just issued the declaration "walk quickly up those stairs" while omitting the CGI wizards would have them collapsing right behind them while being ground up by giant rolling stone wheels.