BBQ, Parties, Who

Posted on Mon 30 June 2008 in general

This weekend was mostly taken up with Saturday's welcome home BBQ and party for Fliss' sister who has just returned from travels. I headed over to Fliss' Mum's on Friday night to join Fliss who had already prepared a small metric load of food for the bash. We chilled to the rather silly Blades of Glory and a little vintage QI.

The weather held out for Saturday, despite predictions of cloudy weather it maintained a sunny, if slightly windy, disposition for most of the day. Much ale was consumed, meat eaten and silly board games played. The new camera performed well and has captured some very good photos which I may get up at some point. We also got given some tickets for Wimbledon Finals Day as a present which was nice. We finished up at a relatively sedentary 2300 but all the better for it.

Sunday involved a near traditional breakfast with Tom and general pottering. Another substantial chunk of deforestation has taken place behind the "Den" and we added another two plants to the garden stock before relaxing to Doctor Who. Very good episode although I hope there is some resolution next week as I'm not sure I can handle a massive cliff-hanger spread over the next 3-4 specials!