Dinner, Strawberries and Wimbledon

Posted on Mon 07 July 2008 in general

I've just finished filling in a dead trees worth of documentation with relation to selling my house. The envelope was so large it didn't even fit in the post box!

The weekend has been a full an entertaining one, involving doing some entertaining as well as being entertained. It started on Friday with a visit to another one of our local pubs, The White Horse. We headed down after work to meet up with some work colleges as well as ex-work colleges I hadn't met before. It turned out Sarah, being an HR person and used to remembering names and faces, asked me if I had indeed gone to Sawston before informing me me she was in my year. Unfortunately my memory of my years there is more than clouded by intervening years but we exchanged a number of names that did ring bells.The pub was very nice too, and a landlord who knows his beers and gets a good selection of short-run guests in :-)

We headed into town on Saturday to do a little wardrobe re-stocking and picked up a new Le Creuset pan for the evening. We had both sets of parents over for an evening meal and bridge. Many comments on the cleanliness of the house were made and we felt very adult about our new home. It seems a good time was had by all which was nice.

Fliss was given some tickets to finals day at Wimbledon so Sunday was spent down in SW19. Unfortunately we didn't have centre court tickets but did catch the Boys Singles Final and a little doubles action before the traditional Wimbledon rain storm. We caught some of the main match on Henman Hill although it was very crowded. After the second rain delay we decided to head back to Cambridge and the warm comfort of the house. We caught snatches of the main game at the station and they were still playing when we got home so we caught to catch the end of a fantastic match before catching up with the finale of Who.