It's not The Departed, honest

Posted on Wed 09 July 2008 in general

We made an abortive attempt to go bowling last night which was scuppered when we got to the bowling alley at 6pm only to discover it was fully booked until midnight. The run of luck was compounded by a distinctly average chain restaurant meal driven by my desire for a Burrito. I shall probably have to make some at home to remind myself that chain restaurants are bad. The waitress was very good about it and knocked off Fliss' meal from the bill.

We meandered back from the chav infested area of the cinema dropping in on another one of Cambridge's many excellent real ale pubs (this city is really spoiling me in that respect). After securing real food for Fliss we watched Infernal Affairs which is the inspiration for the The Departed. It's a hard call as to which I prefer, although despite the setting change and a few minor details The Departed is fairly faithful to the original storyline. I'm tempted to go for Infernal Affairs as it did it first.