Multiple FAIL

Posted on Tue 22 July 2008 in general

I decided to vary my routine and skip my morning shower and have it at work after the 3.5 mile cycle ride. Only when I got to work I discovered the shower was broken. Happily the office next door was happy to share facilities so I am clean in front of my desk. With home made pack lunch as well, so not all fail!

For the weekend I skipped Maelstrom for a friends Stag Do. It sounds like I missed a lot of fun (after Fliss frothed at me on Sunday) as well as some squishyness. I hope there is enough fun left to be had for the last event.

The laws of this stag where slightly different from I'm used to so I can reveal more about what happened. We were camping in Troutbeck near Keswick in the Lack District. The weather proved slightly challenging but we overcame it with suitable applications of gazebos lashed up with spare guy ropes. My (borrowed) tent suffered and epic FAIL by having a hole in the bottom and suffering major leakage. Luckily my stuff wasn't too damp and I was able to crash in Jim's tent.

The Saturday was set aside for manly activities including "Blind Driving", Clay pigeon shooting (doing a little better than last week) and the traditional Paintball. Combined with the meat, beer and the prospect of another 300 mile drive it meant my Saturday actually finished fairly early at around eleven in the evening.

The drive back was uneventful but gave me a chance to appreciate my parents Seat Leon which they had loaned me for the weekend. It's a nice sporty car and deceptively powerful. It has the same hard but steady handling characteristics of my car which shouldn't be much of a surprise considering VW own Seat.

I still had a not inconsiderable number of sausages when I got home and neither of us could face another fry up. So I improvised a Sausage and Pasta casserole which hit the spot nicely. Overall weekend score, win!