Beds, Coffee, epic win

Posted on Fri 25 July 2008 in general

I don't know if the SNP candidate plays Warcraft, but if he does he gets the thumbs up for his delivery of Epic Win.

Although sleep last night was slightly patchy this was mainly due to the heat and the small feasting colony of mosquitoes that seem infest these southerly climes. The new bed however is very comfortable and a blessed relief from the last month or so of the blow up bed.

I've started to develop a taste for coffee thanks to the new machine at work. Having said that the preferred form is about 2/3rds milk with a coffee top. It renders the experience more like a coffee flavoured hot-chocolate rather than a true hardcore bean appreciation. I'm currently trying to convince the local authorities that we need to run some taste tests on various types of coffee bean to find the best type.