Posted on Wed 06 August 2008 in geek

It has been mentioned that people don't see me on IM any more. By IM they mean MSN messenger and they are right. Some time ago MSN died on me and I've limited myself to the Google and LJ Jabber services. I've just tried re-activating my [STRIKEOUT:Shite]Hotmail account to see if I can re-activate the MSN but the web-site just went into a perpetual loop bouncing between various Microsoft domains. MSN clearly doesn't like my browser/OS choice. I reciprocate the feeling about their service.

These days no self respecting on-line chatter should be running a single protocol Instant Messaging client. I can recommend several. I've never used Miranda but Windows users may want to check it out if running GTK applications on Windows is a little too alternative for them.