Adult Country

Posted on Mon 18 August 2008 in general

Travelling first class in Germany is pretty good. We had a compartment to ourselves with some rather comfortably seats, a table and power socket. This meant we could enjoy a few DVDs without having to resort to shared headphones. The waiter service was pretty cool too. The difference in price wasn't too massive and for a long journey (this one was around 4 hours) it's totally worth the investment.

Frankfurt with Jess has been fun. Friday night was filled with large quantities of Spanish food with equally large quantities of garlic. Saturday was a house party much geeky chat was entertained as well as the teleportation of a widescreen TC for Wii purposes (still not convinced by the system BTW).

For the actual birthday on the Sunday we left the huddled masses back at the flat and borrowed the dog and went for a walk along the river. We found a lovely little green area with a cafe attached. Treating people like adults is a general European trend which means you get served in proper glass glasses and pick up some deck chairs and sit down wherever you want on the grass. It was very chilled and very lovely spending the afternoon with my honey, and a dog.

The one downside of Germany is it's interesting approach to customer service at restaurants. As the waiter staff don't need tips to survive the punctuality isn't quite what you expect when used to the UK. However the food at the Chinese on Sunday evening was lovely.

We are now preparing for our journey down to Brussels today. I booked a 5 star hotel last night so should be fun. Apparently it's where all the euro big-wigs stay.