Family weekend

Posted on Tue 26 August 2008 in general

The (extended) weekend has been mostly filled with family related stuff. Saturday started with a trip to the Newmarket Races to start the celebrations for Fliss' Mum's birthday. Predictably the first bet I placed on the first race came in at 15/2 netting be 20 something pounds. This of course was not replicated over the remaining 8 or so races which despite some further wins saw me down around £20 on the day. Fliss had some more successful bets so I think overall we walked away from the day roughly even.

The rest of Saturday and Sunday was filled with significant quantities of food at various familial homesteads. There were profiteroles which as law dictates always improves a situation. I'm slowly developing a mental map of exactly how all the various cousins/aunts/uncles are related in the family tree and getting slightly better at remembering the various names. By the time we got home on Sunday evening we were pretty "familied out" and enjoyed a few DVDs before a relatively early night.

Monday was a pretty relaxed day. I spent the morning making more progress into GTA's story while Fliss conquered the known world. I then cycled across town to visit my grandmother is hospital before looping back to meet up with Fliss, Andy and Izzy in the rather nice Real Ale Pub and Thai Restaurant The Wrestlers Arms for dinner. We finished the meal vowing to explore more of Cambridge's eating options.

I know I cycled a lot yesterday as my knee is a little sore today. I think I might be getting old.....