Healthy Living?

Posted on Wed 27 August 2008 in general

I'm not sure if this is related to athena25's post or the fact we had dinner with Izzy and Andy. Yesterday we had a fully veggie evening meal. Fliss informed me it was my turn to come up with a suitably meat free meal for this evening. Despite being a fully paid up omnivore we do occasionally have meat free meals. Along with moves like stocking the fridge only with the normal daily allowance of alcohol and regular cycling it's all part of a move to be generally more healthy. Unfortunately I'm all out of ideas beyond the basic salad to prepare tonight. I suspect I shall just have to go home first rather than swinging by the local retail behemoth on the way home. Maybe a veggie curry would be a good move, I had notes on my old wiki for a nice one but I've since taken that down - bad geek that I am.