Homeless, partied out and tired

Posted on Mon 01 September 2008 by alex in general

It's been a fairly busy weekend of travelling as we were in Manchester for Phil and Karl's party. We headed up through rather grotty traffic on Friday which made the celebratory champagne at the end of the journey a relief. I had completed on the house sale on Friday so it seemed worth celebrating being richer than we have ever been before. Unfortunately despite converting from equity to liquid assets it still doesn't count as "real" money, still it's nice not to be paying a mortgage and rent at the same time.

The party was most entertaining. It was really nice to catch up with a chunk of the Manchester people while enjoying some of Phil's very nice daiquiri's. There was discussion on what cars I could buy now, places to stay on future visits and possible dates for people to visit us down south. I believe I successfully avoided any discussion about pensions although I did call it a day around about one in the morning unlike some more of the hard core party-goers. This was mainly because I wanted to be in a reasonable state for the drive home the next day.

Once back down south we joined my parents for a nice lamb roast before heading over to my grans place to look over the garden for potted plants for our garden. We decided against removing too many plants while the rain was ensuring everything was well watered. However we have identified a number of culinary herbs which will pick up over the next few days. We then headed back home to watch the last of Green Wing with a nice glass of wine before retiring rather tired to bed.