Fair Weather

Posted on Fri 05 September 2008 in general

I'm sacking off Maelstrom this weekend. There are a variety of reasons but it mostly comes down to rather spending my time chilling with Fliss in a nice warm house than shivering in the cold and damp forcing myself to have fun on my own*.

Looking back in the calender it looks like the last quiet weekend was in July (and July was a pretty packed month). I find you do need to occasionally just spend a weekend doing nothing in particular to wind down from the week before and prepare you for the week ahead. Of course I'm a little angry with myself for wasting the ticket but I hope every one else enjoys the event. I've certainly not hung up the LRP boots just yet despite my fair weather pretencions.

* Yes I know other people will be there, but not nearly as cute and lovely as Fliss (bleuurgh ;-)