Damp but warm

Posted on Mon 08 September 2008 in general

The weekend passed by without any great revelations. We had planned to go out for a walk on Sunday to get some fresh air but where scuppered by the approaching rain clouds. Apart from a brief trip to the supermarket we stayed in the house for the whole weekend. We did watch The Kite Runner which is a touchingly lovely film set over two decades with the back-drop of Afghanistan. The geopolitics is incidental to the story of personal growth and redemption and I suspect does a lot of justice to the book it was based on.

My brother and his partner are visiting today for familial duties. I decided to have another go at making Delia's Melting Chocolate Puddings for the occasion. I had one last night but was a little too quick taking it of the oven. However there are now 6 pots of chocolate loveliness waiting in the fridge for this evening.